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For Parents

"Behind every young child who believes in him/herself is a parent who believed first!"

Through our program, we seek to develop supportive communities for families. We also foster curiosity, scientific inquiry, and critical thinking in young people to enable them to draw their own conclusions.

We believe in cultivating reason and empathy as foundations of an ethical, productive and fulfilling life Innovation-empowering leaders, exploring new approaches, and sharing ideas. To add, we believe in practicality, taking action, creating solutions, and providing hands on support.


We teach courage, speaking out, thinking outside the box, and challenging ourselves and others. We provide a safe and fun environment for personal and social growth. We rely on cooperation, sharing ideas, and working together. We offer After school, Tutoring, Summer Camp, and Mental Health Services

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Excited Children in Science Class

We believe that your child should be planted in a safe, productive and nurturing environment that will put a smile on your face! By enrolling your child (ren) you allow us to tap into their wealth, which will create a better society. Our goal is to teach your child the importance of success in every area of their life by providing skills, which foster their academics, social skills, and intellectual growth.

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