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Purpose Learning Lab 
Save Our Youth Initiative

"Our purpose is to provide students with the knowledge, skill, and tools they need while they are still in high school, so they may excel once they graduate.'

This APG program provides all adolescents ages 13-18 with a variety of experimental learning opportunities to not only fight stress, but find serenity, build a resilient mindset, and learn evidenced based strategies to manage the turbulence of adolescence and improve overall well-being. Because we are adamant about disrupting the pipeline to penitentiary, we also provide career pathways, substance abuse education, prevention, and awareness. We strive to promote skills that will help these teens in their everyday life from Entrepreneurship, Character Education, Financial Literacy, and Life Skills. By doing so we provide teens with pro-social activities and tools to disrupt the pipeline to penitentiary. Our "Save Our Youth Initiative" is designed to empower teens to pay it forward, find hope, and confidence to fuel their dreams.

 What We Offer

  • Mentoring

  • In-Class Wellness Workshops

  • Alternative Peer Groups 

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Career Readiness 

  • SAT/ACT Test Prep

  • Leadership

  • Collaboration

  • Prevention

  • Community Service

  • Crime Intervention

  • Parent Support Groups

  • Trauma-Informed Evidenced Based Interventions

Do you exhibit Leadership skills? Then you'll enjoy working with kids as a Summer Camp Counselor! Be a role model, offer support, lead games and activities all summer long.
Pay It Forward Today! 
Upload Resume or Youth Essay

All teens are required to submit an essay explaining why they want to be a part of this program. Please include areas of strength, weakness, identify what is important to you, your goals, achievements, biggest accomplishments and your career goals. Please send essay to

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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