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Donate Today 

Reasons to Donate

1. Your donation will help us provide scholarships to minority students that are underserved and underrepresented. Because of your donation students will receive access to STEAM Education, Private Tutoring, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, & Mental Health & Wellness Services

2. Your donation helps us dismantle barriers while opening up doors for minority students to pursue STEM & Integrated Art Careers. 


3. Your donation helps us reduce not only inequalities in STEAM Education, but also open doors to build the character & esteem for future leaders of our society. 


4. Your donation funds literacy, life skills, early learning, coping skills, positive engagement, and access to Mental Health & Wellness Services.

5. Your donation provides youth, children, and their families FREE access to wellness seminars, empowerment, and a community that is there to both support & empower them to obtain success 

6. Your donation will help us break down barriers and eliminate stigmas for youth, children, and families who may not realize that success is a viable option for them. Purpose Learning Lab believes in early intervention to help youth realize that their dreams to succeed are within reach. We strive to dismantle barriers by providing equitable solutions to break generational chains of poverty in various underserved communities. We are determined to change the trajectory of youth, children, and families in Durham County. This is our city and Together we can change the world!! 

More Ways to Donate 


Help us make a difference in our community by donating to our " Thrive Through Adversity Fund." Your investment fosters life-changing stepping stones, motivation, and dismantles barriers for children, youth, and families. The work of Purpose Learning Lab, Inc. depends exclusively on contributions. Your donation is Tax Deductible. To receive your charitable contribution letter, please email 

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